Toru Kaneko
Espace 2018 1760×1760mm
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Transcending fixed aesthetic ideas.
Achieving purification of mind through the creative process.

Society today is overflowing with information, constantly forcing us to think of ways we can organize it, hindering us from having the time to sense the world around us.
What moves us when we recognize something as ‘beautiful’?
What can we expect to encounter through a work of art ?

“EVOLVING” is an exhibition Toru Kaneko directed in 1992, reflecting his basic approach to contemporary art : always to push further and dig deeper.
Toru mentions, “At one of my ESPACE exhibitions, I happened to have the honor and pleasure of meeting a great artist who greatly inspired me. Now, I am even more inclined to explore further. Omnis is a group of artists who have a similar concept : art has the ability to express and communicate through ways other than just text. My hope is that the audience engages in the exhibition as a whole-body experience just like they would savor our meal or feel warmth, and ultimately achieve the purification of mind.”
In this exhibition, we are displaying over 30 pieces, including paintings and drawings that have never been exhibited before.

Toru Kaneko
Espace 2018, 1760×1760m
Mikiko Hirayama
charcoal on paper, 2018
Nobuyoshi Fukushima
graphite powder on paper, 2018
Yuki Nonaka
acrylic on canvas, 2017
Natsuki Kobayashi
photography, 2018
Ai Morikawa
charcoal on paper, 2016
Tomona Konita
acrylic on paper, 2017

Art Director / Artist

Toru Kaneko


Yutaka Ishida
Nobuyoshi Fukushima
Mio Horie
Tomona Konita
Ai Morikawa
Natsuki Takeuchi
Miwa Fujimoto
Mikiko Hirayama
Yuki Sato
Miki Sugiyama
Ringo Takemura
Yuki Nonaka
Mai Muragishi
Natsuki Kobayashi
Shun Sato
Wataru Yasuda

Press Release

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omnis “EVOLVING”
Date : January 18 - 30, 2019
Venue : Shibuya Hikarie 8F 8/CUBE
Open hour : 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM(Last day until 6:00 p.m.)
Admission : Free
Organiser : RAarts inc.
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Past Exhibition

2017.02.16 - 02.27